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Guide to Retailing Irrigation


If you are an irrigation specialist, hardware store, nursery, pool shop or any other retailer considering stocking irrigation equipment, it is important to understand the dynamics involved in being an irrigation retailer. Wetec supplies numerous retailers and over the years has gained a wealth of experience in solutions to help our clients succeed. Before you take the leap, speak to us and let us guide you through the process.

Here are a couple of important tips:

Stock Only Fast Moving Items

Residential systems come in many different sizes and configurations. You may need to stock hundreds of parts to cater for all the different permutations. We can suggest which parts are the most popular and suggest a mix of products that will cater for the majority of customer needs, but still be kind to your working capital.


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Train Your Staff

The average homeowner will need to be guided as to what parts he or she requires. Your staff members need to understand the terminology and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together so that they can provide educated assistance. We are experts at training and will send a representative to spend time with you and your staff to ensure they know their products and can give your customers constructive advice. If you want to provide a value added service to your customers, come on our three day training course at Lifestyle College and we can teach you to design irrigation systems.

Provide an Installation and Repair Service

Only hardened DIY enthusiasts install or repair their own irrigation systems. Most people prefer the convenience of having a professional contractor do the job for them. You can further extend the value you add to your customers by providing this service, either yourself, or through referral to reputable contractors. Wetec can provide you a list of preferred contractors that have proven reliability and professionalism.