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Help the environment with rain water harvesting

You may have heard on the news that some of our beautiful damns in South Africa are running dangerously low on water. Which is firstly not good for us in our homes with the fear of water restrictions, but more importantly it is not good for the environment.

We all need to start working together to conserve and re-use water, and to save the environment before we are forced to live under water restrictions for a prolonged period of time. You can use rainwater to irrigate plants, supply water to cisterns, and many other uses around the house or business.

Rain water harvesting is a great way to help the environment while being kind to your pocket as well. The cost of water will continue to rise and if there is not enough supply it is conceivable that the increases will be even more. Though there is nothing to substantiate this possibility at the moment, you only have to look at our electricity prices, which increased dramatically due to a lack of supply, to understand the odds. While there will be an initial outlay in the purchase of tanks and filters for rainwater harvesting, the money it will save you in the long run is worth the investment.

If you, like most citizens of South Africa, are concerned about the looming water restrictions then considering rain water harvesting is a must for you and your family. With various applications and filter designs you can be sure that the water tank is not going to damage the aesthetic representation of your home or your existing plumbing.

Even at times of little rain, harvesting the rain water will be enough to supplement your water usage on a monthly basis, so that you are not entirely reliant on the water provided by your municipality for the essentials like watering your garden or flushing your toilet. With the money you are saving, your rain water harvesting system will soon pay for itself and will save you money in the end. So while you are helping your community to keep water restrictions at bay, you are also helping the environment and helping your pocket too.