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Benefits of a water tank

If you have listened to the news recently you will know that we are in the grips of a water shortage, especially in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The dams are not at full capacity and rain is scarce. This could mean the implementation of water restrictions in certain areas. The truth of the matter is that we need to start making changes and conserving water, storing it in safe vessels and using our water wisely.

A water tank is a good way to collect rain water for use in things such as the cistern and watering your garden, things that utilise quite a large amount of water. With the various colours to choose from and different sizes you can choose a tank that blends in with your surroundings.

Holding between 750 l and 2000 l depending on the size water tank you choose, you are able to store enough water to top up your swimming pool, water your lawn or even wash your car, if there is no ban on these activities in your area.
• UV resistant high quality material means that your water tank will last you for many years without becoming unsightly and discoloured.
• All tanks are fitted with a sieve to catch leaves and to keep mosquitos from settling on the water surface.
• Measures are taken to prevent the growth of algae and keep dust out of the tank.

When you are deciding on whether or not to get a water tank for your home or business, it is vital to have a variety of tanks to choose. You will want to know that your tank is reliable and the company that you got the tank from is reputable and will honour any guarantee or warranty.

The water tank is securely fitted to the main water inlet of your building and this will eliminate any water interruptions that may occur due to water shortages or maintenance on the main pipeline. Purchasing a water storage unit is an acquisition that will pay for itself in not only convenience and conservation, but will result in reduced water bills as well.

Our water resources are decreasing and the increase in demand, due to the decrease in supply, will only push up the cost of water.