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Don't Go And Blame The Sprinkler Systems

It can be one of life's little pleasures to take a walk. Sunday afternoon laziness can be transformed into an outing in your neighbourhood. Then again the lovely lush lawns you see as you stroll by, make you want to rant at the unfairness. You have used the same sprinkler systems as your neighbours, but still the end result is no where near as fabulous as theirs. With your lovely afternoon stroll now spoilt you contemplate ripping out the pipes, if not your own lawn, in frustration.

Instead of destroying all that hard work, to say nothing of the money you have invested in the project, take a step back and consider: Why is your lawn perhaps not as green or as thick as your neighbour's? Can you really put the blame on your choice of sprinkler systems? Maybe you should have taken your friend's advice and brought in a professional before digging holes for piping.

When sprinkler systems are installed properly and the layout done optimally for your garden, the likelihood is that you will be saving water while still getting a flourishing result. That is if the system is working correctly and water is not being wasted spraying unnecessarily in all directions.

If the sprinkler system is eliminated as being part of the problem, you need to take another look to find the root cause. Have you fertilised correctly? It is very easy to over fertilise plants, and simply adding more water is not going to make your grass grow. It could be creating more problems.

A professional landscaper or garden expert will put you on the right track about watering, fertilising and taking care of your garden to grow at its very best. Happy plants are green and well cared for grass will give you a lawn that could compete with the best golfing greens.

But what if it is your sprinkler system that is at fault? If you have checked that the piping is not damaged or leaking and the spraying heads are clean and not clogged up, a professional opinion is required.

A computerised system can be reprogrammed if required and a fresh look at the sprinklers will show where there might be shortcomings in the way the water is distributed.