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Get Closer to Achieving Green Star Status with A Professional Water Audit

More and more developers and building owners are after the coveted Green Star status. The Green Star SA Rating System is an agreed standard and benchmark for green buildings, allowing the public to objectively assess and agree on just how ‘green’ a building really is. It is a rating system that normalises definitions and measures the design, construction and management of a building to make it more sustainable.While there are several rating systems the world over, South Africa has adopted the Green Star South Africa rating system, which is based on the Australian system but customised to fit into the South African context. Building owners can submit evidence to the Green Building Council SA in support of why they should be provided with a Green Star SA rating.

Water Audits and Its Impact on Green Star SA Ratings

On your way to a Green Star SA rating you will deal with many aspects to turn your building into a green and eco-friendly property with a significantly diminished carbon footprint. A water audit forms part of your building’s green assessment. At Wetec, we asses your building’s current water utilisation and provide you with a proposition to reduce water consumption.

Your building can save a significant amount of water during the month by simply having a smart water management system installed for your landscape irrigation. By supplementing water supply to your irrigation system with rainwater harvesting, you might be surprised at the amount of savings that can be achieved.

Approaching Water Use Wisely

Modern irrigation systems differ remarkably from previous generation systems. With new water saving products, design techniques and smart water management, you can drastically improve your irrigation system’s efficiency. Rainwater can also be used for more than merely irrigation. It can be piped back into your building and used for car washing or flushing the toilet.

When filtered correctly, it can also be utilised in industrial processes. If you are looking for a comprehensive and affordable water audit in Johannesburg for your building, simply contact Wetec today. We look forward to providing you with all the information you ned to make a fully informed decision regarding the green status of your building.