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Water Audits


water-audits-WetecIf water is a large portion of your utilities bill or you need points for a Green Star Rating, then it is essential to carry out a water audit. Wetec will assess your current water utilisation and propose solutions to reduce water consumption. A large amount of water can be saved by installing a smart water management system for your landcsape irrigation system and supplementing water supply with rainwater harvesting.

Modern irrigation systems differ markedly from older irrigation systems. New design techniques, water saving products, and smart water management can radically improve the efficiency of an irrigation system by ensuring that your landscape gets just the right amount of water and reducing your water bills. A poorly designed or installed irrigation system can cost money, not only in water wastage, but also in having to replace plants that die due to over or under watering.

Rainwater can be used for more than just irrigation. It can be piped back into the building for toilet flushing, used for car washing, or if filtered correctly be used for industrial processes. Harvesting rainwater not only reduces potable water consumption but also reduces stormwater runoff.