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A guide to installing your own garden irrigation system


Ensure sure you are up to the task, because installing a DIY irrigation system is not easy. A well designed system is complex and the installation phase can prove to be a time consuming activity. Even a small 4 zone system can require as much as 100 meters of trenching and can take several days, even weeks to install if you don't have the requisite experience. It requires a significant amount of research and planning and if done incorrectly, can be very costly. Before tackling a DIY project of this magnitude, make sure you read the following tips carefully..


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A guide to choosing a professional irrigation contractor


There are many factors to consider when choosing a professional contractor to install your irrigation system.

Once you have decided to install an irrigation system in your garden, the next area of concern is how to choose a professional installer. This article will help you to choose the right one for you, to ensure that your system is properly designed to meet your garden's needs. Knowing which questions to ask potential contractors can make a significant contribution to solving this problem. A bit of knowledge about the basics will help you ask the right questions and ensure that you are satisfied with both their answers and the final product installed in your garden. Remember if at any point you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, go with your instincts and avoid hiring the wrong team to install your system.


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