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Smart watering tips


Gardens can be very water intensive. South Africa has a limited amount of water available due to our lower than global average annual rainfall and concerned consumers are looking for ways to contribute towards preserving our environment, as well as saving on high water bills. Our growing population leads to an increase in water consumption and many disadvantaged rural communities still do not have access to adequate clean water resources. This means that urban South Africans with regular access to water need to ensure that every drop is used to the maximum


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Smart controllers give irrigation systems intelligence to use water efficiently


For consumers who are looking for ways to save money and the environmentsmart water technology offers an opportunity to achieve both, while ensuring beautiful gardens and parks. Watering your garden, park or field has also caused a significant amount of stress for homeowners or grounds staff. There are a large number of variables to take into account when determining how long and when to water your garden, industrial park, school field or country club. To ensure accurate watering all these variables have to be taken into account and this is often a daunting task.


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